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                                    VOC Updates from General Finishes

                                    GF VOC Laws

                                    The future of?water-based finishes is good.

                                    Enhanced?versions of water-based?wood finishes and coatings with improved performance characteristics are driving the coatings market for furniture, cabinets and other non-wood substrates.?Today's water-borne topcoats, stains, and primers?offer key benefits such as chemical resistance, high durability, low?VOC?emissions, fire compression, and water cleanup. General Finishes offers tomorrow's finishes today,

                                    2019: VOC restrictions on Oil Gallons

                                    Gallons of GF products listed below are prohibited from sale by various VOC regulatory agencies in the following states: California, Utah, Phoenix Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. Quarts, pints, and half-pints are not affected.

                                    Gallons below are prohibited:

                                    Oil Finishes

                                    Oil Topcoats

                                    • Arm-R-Seal
                                    • Sealacell Clear
                                    • Wood Bowl Finish
                                    • Outdoor Oil

                                    All Oil Gel Stains Gallons

                                    • American Oak-Gel
                                    • Antique Walnut-Gel
                                    • Ash Gray-Gel
                                    • Black-Gel
                                    • Brown Mahogany-Gel
                                    • Candlelite-Gel
                                    • Carbon Gray-Gel
                                    • Colonial Maple-Gel
                                    • Georgian Cherry-Gel
                                    • Gray-Gel
                                    • Java-Gel
                                    • New Pine-Gel
                                    • Nutmeg-Gel
                                    • Prairie Wheat-Gel
                                    • Topcoat Satin-Gel
                                    • White-Gel

                                    Water Finishes

                                    • GF Accelerator
                                    • GF Extender


                                    • GF Gun Cleaner

                                    The Good News...

                                    All GF water-based products (including gallons) not listed above are not affected, as they are VOC compliant in all states. Finally, we are the country's leading water-based stain and finish manufacturer, ahead of all the competition.

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